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*Once your card is loaded with $100, a $25 reward will be loaded to your card.

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Payoneer provides you with USD and EUR collection account numbers

Use Paydirt to send invoices to any US and EU company

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Any company in the US or EU can send funds to your account

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I was using SWIFT for international money transfers which was slow and expensive. Then I discovered Payoneer, which enables me to receive funds easily and at much lower cost. I can now focus on developing my business, without worrying about how to receive payments.

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Payoneer & Paydirt make it easy for you to get paid by US and EU companies

- Jessica, Australia

Improve the way you get paid by companies in the US and EU!

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Receive your payments as quickly as a local transfer

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Withdraw funds to your local bank or Payoneer MasterCard®

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Sending invoices through Paydirt is simple, but it can be difficult and costly to receive international payments. Payoneer issues you with USD and EUR collection accounts which allows your clients to pay you directly by bank transfer.

How to Add Payoneer as a Payment Method

1.   Sign in to Paydirt
2.   Under the “Invoices & Quotes” section in the left side menu, go to “Online Payments”
3.   Click on the link “Your Invoice Footer”, which will open the page “Quotes and Invoice Defaults” 
4.    In the invoice footer please enter your USD / EUR Collection Account details
5.    When you create a new invoice in Paydirt, it will automatically include the invoice footer template with your Payoneer USD /         EUR Collection Account details in it