E-residents, Get Paid by Companies & Marketplaces Worldwide Quickly, Securely & at Low Cost

An all-in-one solution for your online marketplace.
SIGN UP & GET $250*


E-residents, Get Paid by Companies & Marketplaces Worldwide Quickly, Securely & at Low Cost  

SIGN UP & GET $250*

Using e-Residency and Payoneer together has enabled me to grow my company while travelling at the same time. E-Residency provides me with the ability to establish and manage a location-independent company, while Payoneer provides that company with the ability to receive cross-border payments online and access my money quickly - without the long wait for the funds to clear internationally through a traditional bank or other e-commerce platforms.

- Robert Watt, Director at Cloudbreak Digital, South Africa

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*Once you receive payments of $100, you will receive a $25 reward.

 *When you receive $5000 in payment(s) within three months, you will be rewarded with $250. Subject to Refer A Friend program terms and conditions.

Join millions of businesses and professionals receiving cross-border payments via Payoneer

Low Fees

Keep more of your earnings with better rates

Fast Payments

Receive international payments in minutes


Customer care team available 24/7 to support your business





Connect with thousands of companies that pay with Payoneer

Send a payment request to your clients and get paid by credit card or bank

Get paid directly into your [CURRENCIES] receiving accounts


Purchase online and in stores

Pay your global vendors, suppliers and VAT obligations for free

Transfer to your personal or corporate bank account worldwide

Withdraw at ATMs worldwide


Payoneer provides Estonian companies owned by e-Residents with a great way to avoid time-consuming hustle procedure of opening a local bank account for your company. Payoneer helps you to get bank transfers in different currencies from all over the globe, accept credit card and ACH Bank Debit payments from your B2B customers, disburse funds to your subcontractors and a lot more.

How to open your Payoneer account

Follow the sign up link and choose the account type: “Company”

Fill in all your details. 
On the second screen, provide your physical address, then mark the checkbox “My company is incorporated in a different country” and select Estonia.

Next, you will be required to provide details of a corporate bank account or a bank account belonging to one of the company’s owners. Important: this bank account may be opened in any country, not necessarily Estonia.

Please check your email for further instructions.

A step-by-step guide for companies opened by Estonian e-Residents

Disclaimer: *In some cases, additional information can be required.